Mark Kia- Co-founder

Mark Kia is a highly experienced polymer specialist with M.SC degree. He possesses valuable knowledge about plastic production, R&D and management. His work experience demonstrates of cooperation with pioneer companies and manufactures like Faurecia as a global leader in the world. He as an expatriate, had program manufacturing leader position in this company and gained remarkable experiences which is provide him enough ability to run the same business in the north America. Having about 10 years of working experience in plastic injection molding, plastic extrusion and packaging is qualifying him as a critical role player in PolyOneTech. In terms of academical activities, he published several papers in international journals and attended in credited global conferences about polymer science. He was humble enough to be chosen as one of talented researcher among numerous candidates from Iran's National Elites Foundation because of his unique patent about nanocomposite materials science in 2012.

Bahram Zamani Mehr- Co-founder

Bahram Zamani Mehr, is a highly motivated and result-oriented individual. He, as a PharmD, established his pharmacy four years ago from scratch and turned it into an absolute success. He has been a pharmacist for 15 years, of which ten years in boarding pharmacy as manager. Hence, Bahram acquired all the skills needed to manage a pharmacy. In addition, he has incredible experience working in several well-known healthcare businesses such as LONDON DRUGS, The Natural Factors, hospitals, and pharmacies in Iran and Canada.